Are you ready, Mike?

Timmy, I was born ready

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The First rule of Spaced Crawl is you do not talk about Spacedcrawl

The Second rule of Spaced Crawl is you do not...hang on I got that wrong. The Second rule of Spaced Crawl is no smoking...

Primarily a community for discussions/plans/suggestions/arrangements for a proposed Spaced Crawl around this fine city, of locations connected to, however tenuously, the fabulous sitcom Spaced. Also for tiresome unnecessary Spaced quotations if you feel like it.

We are currently....weeing ourselves over the prospect of Shaun of the Dead. Rah!

This is a closed community so that we can avoid nutters, or at least nutters we don't know. And also so our pictures don't get nicked etc. Contact okborednow if you want to join.